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ualities of the Hero: Comparing Gilgamesh and Odysseus. Write an essay comparing these two (2) heroic figures from ancient epics of different cultures, especially focusing your analysis on the sources about their encounters with monsters: Gilgamesh encounters the monster guarding the forest, Humbaba, in Tablets 3-5 of the Epic of Gilgamesh (seehttp://www.ancienttexts.org/library/mesopotamian/gilgamesh/; scroll down to the Tablet links; think of “Tablet” numbers like chapter numbers).” Odysseus encounters Polyphemus the Cyclops in Book 9 of The Odyssey (seehttp://www.theoi.com/Text/HomerOdyssey9.html; from line 105 to the end). Your paper should: a) Compare Gilgamesh and Odysseus as to their heroic qualities, noting similarities and differences, using specific examples from the epics. b) Summarize what this indicates about differences between ancient Mesopotamian and Greek cultures in their ideals and expectations. c) From this comparison, suggest ways that current cultural ideals and expectations shape modern notions about role models and heroes. Does this Look Like Your Assignment? We Can do an Original Paper for you! Write My Paper Here’s Are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions How much will it cost me? A Page will cost you $12, however, this varies with your deadline. Enjoy the convenience of having a reliable Writer to do your paper at an Affordable Price.  With our premium writing service, you no longer have to spend days and nights meticulously working on your assignment, instead use that time to do other important things.  How will I get my paper Upon completion, we will send the paper to you via email and in the format you prefer (word, pdf or ppt).  Will you revise My Paper? Yes, we have an unlimited revision policy. If you need a comma removed, we will do that for you in less than 6 hours, if you need a full paper review we are always available to handle your request.  Where do I attach the required material? As you Share your instructions with us, there’s a section that allows you to attach as any files. Please include all the details and files useful to the writer. You can also provide a sample of your work, so that the writer can write just like you! Will you keep me posted on the progress of my Paper? Yes, through email and messages, we will keep you updated on the progress of your paper.  Sure, how do I try this out? Start by filling this short order form thestudycorp.com/order And then follow the progressive flow. Having an issue, chat with us hereRegards,Cathy, CS.  Have no Time to Write? Let a subject expert write your paper for You​ Do My Paper